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Data protection and Integrity

Whether you use our systems in the role of administrator, user, recipient, respondent or participant, you need to feel confident that we treat your information safely.

In order for you to understand what we do to protect you, we have divided the information into 2 parts, technical and organizational measures.

Technical measures

The data traffic between your computer, mobile or tablet and our server is always encrypted. The encryption is continuously checked and updated as needed.

Data is always stored encrypted. We take continuous backups so that it does not disappear in the event that something unexpected happens to the system.

The data traffic to and from our server is monitored through various technical solutions that are updated as the need arises.

There are functions in our systems to change or delete data, should the need arise. You can request information about which data is stored about you and what it is used for. We have a high level of traceability in our systems, which means that it is logged a lot, in order to see who made what and when. Please note, however, that we never save personal data in our logs.

All data is stored in Sweden and is thus not transferred to any country outside the EU or EEA. The systems have a good shell protection, which means that the premises have a high level of safety regarding fire, burglary, power outages etc.

Organizational actions

We have routines that we follow to ensure that all personnel who can come in contact with your data have signed a confidentiality agreement and that they are continuously trained and informed about which rules apply for your data to be protected in the best way.

We follow routines in all further development, testing and updating of the systems to maintain a high quality of what we deliver, especially with a focus on safety. We continuously evaluate the platforms and the technical equipment used. Of course, we also evaluate all our routines.

Those who use our systems usually belong to larger organizations, eg. municipalities, regions, authorities or companies. We always sign a so-called personal data assistance agreements with these where the protection of your data is regulated. It is therefore important to remember that as a supplier we do not always have a look at what information our users choose to collect and how they intend to use it.

If the system user, who for example invited you to answer a survey or to participate in a digital training course, has not informed you clearly enough about the processing of personal data, you should contact that person in the first instance. If you are unable to get in touch with the system user, you can contact us, and we can help you get in touch with the person specifically responsible.


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If you have questions about our work with the data protection regulation, please contact gdpr@entergate.se.